The office market in India is at an important inflection point now with the game-changing idea of co-working office spaces taking large strides this year. This idea is drastically changing the current way of working for all stakeholders including clients, developers / landlords, brokers etc. This idea will change the office market, as much as the e-commerce idea changed our retail experience forever.

E-commerce changed the way all physical retailers operated, constrained mall development projects, helped in growth of online payment platforms and benefited clients immensely. Today e-commerce idea has matured significantly and a lot of consolidation, takeovers, restructuring are underway. We also find a lot of e-commerce brands now setting up physical stores. The future of retail looks interesting with all these developments but one thing is for sure that customers will continue to benefit the most.

This same way the co-working idea will change the office space market for everybody and clients / occupants would be the biggest beneficiaries. A lot of doomsday predictions are being made about the viability of the co-working idea / longevity etc. but we have heard these things about all significant ideas. Co-working is here to stay and is likely to positively affect the office market in the following ways:

Large clients:


Overall the co-working is an idea whose time has come and clients benefit the most from it. It is safe to say that co-working will completely change the office market landscape in future. This is advent of a time wherein your landlord is becoming a service provider and would keep working hard on service levels to retain you as a tenant.

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