Hyderabad’s Residential Market’s 2020 Conundrum

‘Changing your behaviour in the face of changing information is always hard. But when people are doing well, they don’t want to change. They choose to ignore the discordant notes and the tunes they are hearing. They feel threatened by bad news and dread the uncertainty of change and the hard work it demands. This tendency makes them passive and rigid at the very moment they should be most active and flexible’ (Schawarzman, Stephen - ‘What it takes'). The lockdown imposition pushed the residential segment into a state of complete flux and not surprisingly the market remains in denial mode.

To understand the residential market better, we need to see it from the following perspectives:

Price Movements:

When in doubt the past is good place to start. The residential market movement over the past 10-15 years might help us to understand the future better.

Covid-19 impact:

Do’s and Don’ts for buying:

Buyers are more confused today and not sure what to do or what will happen next, this is the time to guide them properly / professionally without seeming to focus only on profits. Success breeds arrogance and complacency, we only learn from our mistakes and when the worst happens. In the words of the founder of Blackstone, who are one of the largest owners of real estate on the planet ‘It might take five years, but real estate will bounce back. It always does.’ Amen to that

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